International Industry Advisers and Trainers.
International Industry Advisers and Trainers.
Our coaching techniques, tools and training programs simplify professionals' lives.
Our coaching techniques, tools and training programs simplify professionals' lives.
Our rich and extensive experience in International Markets drives us in providing insights and clear added value solutions to our clients in every part of the world.

Our rich and extensive experience in International Markets drives us in providing insights and clear added value solutions to our clients in every part of the world.


Let us simplify your company's life and boost profitability with bespoke foodservice solutions and courses that deliver proven results.

A & C Associates, a multi-award-winning company, excel in providing consultancy service for the FMCG and foodservice sectors globally.  Our international foodservice industry advisers have the expertise to design and implement tailored strategies that have effectively supported major QSR and CDI brands as well as manufacturing companies the world over, helping them to enter into new markets and maximise profitability.

A & C Associates stand out from the crowd by delivering bespoke services that meet our clients' individual needs, whether long-term support, short-term programs, expert advice, training or executive coaching.

As experienced international foodservice industry advisers and specialists in results-driven procurement we have the dedication and skills to ensure your company stays ahead of the curve.  

'We recognise different cultures and strive to implement simple, user friendly systems that drive a competitive advantage in our clients market'. - Andy Skowronski, Managing Director




"Now I get it! Really enjoyed Procurement Into the Future, the information is extremely relevant to me and my position." -Carl Russo, Purchasing Manager, Flavour Makers

"Road to transformation has great tools and easily implemented.  It has transformed the working of my Department and our team is now aligned behind common goals! - Brian Mugugat, SCM Manager, Ramcar Food Group, Philippines

"Loved the simplicity of the tools and associated practical exercises in Procurement Into the Future - a definite highlight."

Peter Forbes, Regional Industrial Sales Manager, McCormick Foods, Australia, NZ and SE Asia.

"A&C Associates developed the strategies and tactics, VMO's and SOP's allowing for the business to prepare for a trade sale." - Ray Cumbo, Founder and Chairman, Servequip International UK

"Many parts of Procurement Into the Future were illustrated to me very clearly, for example, Cost Bar Analysis and Establishing Priorities. I can now understand both ours and the suppliers perspective before going to a negotiation. This course helped me prioritise on what's important" - J. Brzezinska - Key Account Manager, SCM Poland

"Procurement Into the Future is an intensive course, so it was great how you managed the time and information with learning games. I really enjoyed the course, Thank you!"

 T Hernandez - Senior Buyer, Griffith Laboratories, Mexico

'Procurement Into the Future is a practical, focused and flexible approach to understanding Procurement, employing the latest doable techniques in enterprise value chain, adding real insights and new perspectives to participants.' - Amr Zulfikar

"We recognize your coaching, support and guidance to the Chairamn and entire UPGC team.  Your innovative solutions have resulted in operational excellence embodying a 'people first' culture within the organization." - Alnoor Guliamani, Chairman UPGC, Canada

"Andy has undertaken personal coaching on one of our senior team members, which has proved very successful both for the individual and the company.  The success of this coaching led to further work within our regioal purchasing teams." - Robert Waller, Managing Director, Thailand / S.E. Asia at Griffith foods, Thailand

"A&C have taken us from being a tactical organisation to one that is a great balance between strategic and tactical.  The results both financial and people development in such a short period fo time have been outstanding." - Alnoor Guliamani, Chairman UPGC, Canada

"Andy and his team at A&C Associates have worked with my team in S.E.Asia utilizing 'The Road To Transformation' programme.  This was the start of a journey for the team which lead to us achieving consistent double digit growth over the last four years and actually hitting out 5 year goals 18 months early.  The team engaged fully in the programme as it was an easy model to follow and maintain" - Robert Waller, Managing Director, Thailand / S.E. Asia at Griffith Foods, Thailand

"Love you guys! Great job! looking forward to recommending you to other businesses"

Rodolph Njeim, CFO, Eathos

"Procurement Into the Future has transformed the working of my department."

- Bryan Mugugat - Ramcar Food Group

  1. Neville Tynemouth
    New Results Training


    We support businesses in three ways:

    Business/sales development strategy

    - One to one coaching

    - Training teams and individuals (sales, service, customer experience and coaching)


    Our support includes:

    Forensic review of sales pipeline and sales strategy. Understanding the current sales strategy, updating the business development approach.

    Agreeing strategy for each client in the pipeline. Prioritisation of clients; Pre-planning (detailed) objectives for each client.

    Input and support around sales strategy and process.

    Mentoring, coaching and training of key team members, ensuring they are effective and efficient in their roles.

    Updating sales strategy, developing and refining sales plans.

    Accompanied client visits; providing observation, coaching and feedback. Increasing the likelihood of progressing individual sales opportunities to the next stage.

    Award-winning sales training and development, shifting sales teams from good to great. Focused on your teams’ behaviours, shaping their skills to drive performance.


    Training teams in key subjects:

    - Winning Major Clients

    - The Real Customer Journey (The psychology of consumer and seller behaviour)

    - Core sales skills (face to face and over the phone)

    - Sales Success on LinkedIn


    Support and development is tailored to each organisation, bringing our wide range of commercial and business experience to support businesses scaling up.

  2. Anjum Sadaqat


    Anjum Sadaqat is the founder and CEO of Intellytics based out of Dubai, with offices in Philippines and Pakistan.  With over 30 years of global experience in Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing, Technology and Business Management, he has a unique blend of business management and technology experience.  His consultancy experience spans 5 continents and over 17 countries.  He has worked in some of the top global organizations, which include KPMG, CNBC, Unilever and Yum Brands.


    Intellytics is a business intelligence company specializing in F&B, retail and consumer products industry.  We deliver a 360-degree view of the business across operations, finance and marketing providing greater business insights to the decision makers.


    Intellytics ‘Restaurant Analytics Hub’ is our industry-specific platform that provides a 360-degree view across all aspects the business and reflects our knowledge of the most important challenges faced by the restaurant executives.  Our platform presents insights that are easy to understand, engaging, immersive and drive action.