Road to Transformation

Many organisations seek to achieve transformation, but few truly succeed.

"The Road to Transformation" is a leadership and change master class inspired by Andy's time at Yum! Brands. Its aim is to set organisations and individuals on a path of achieving breakthrough thinking and in turn breakthrough results.


We start "The Road to Transformation" by banishing "incrementalism" and accepting that "average is awful". The fast paced program takes the participants on a journey which explores the Eight Principles of Breakthrough Thinking and gives the participants the tools through a series of short exercises and breakout sessions, anecdotes and real life examples.


We build on the eight principles by providing key tools that plan and build our content, people and process.  The last step of our "Road to Transformation" is sharing our vision with the whole organisation and putting into action our new direction.


The master class comes in three formats; Half day 'teaser', one day or two days.


About the Creator

Andy Skowronski, the author of The Road to Transformation, was fortunate to work for one such company, Yum! Brands. Since its spin-off from PepsiCo in 1997, Yum! Brands has grown to be the world's largest restaurant company operating in more than 110 countries and its stock price has quintupled. Its charismatic Chairman and CEO David Novak brought in a change management program called "Achieving Breakthrough Results".  Andy was one of the coaches delivering the program to senior executives and franchise partners.


"You can't talk people into accepting a future if they haven't been there"
"Change is never over!"


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